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I specialize in custom web design solutions for small businesses. From concept to implementation, I focus on responsive websites and your visitors’ experience.

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Customized experience

I believe each client and business has unique needs. Instead of using predefined templates, I handcraft each website to match your vision and your visitors’ needs.

My user-friendly administration interface shortens the development process, and extra features can be added later as needed.

All my websites are responsive (mobile and tablet friendly) and accessible through older browsers without compromising the message or style.

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Speed is crucial, since studies show that visitors decide within seconds whether to stay on a site or not.

Making the pages load fast on any internet connection ensures your visitors will become returning clients.

I also offer consultation in the field, including website modernization and search engine optimization.

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Accessibility is built right into each website I develop. I adjust color tones and font types with ADA needs in mind and I make sure the structure of the website allows for a pleasant screen reading experience.

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To achieve the highest level of online security, I use the latest web development tools and frameworks. All my websites support HTTPS. I offer consultation if you are interested in switching to a more secure website.

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