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My Background:

My name is Arpad Olasz, I'm a web designer & developer. I've been developing websites for over ten years now.

Based in Parkville, Missouri, I worked with clients from all over the USA and even from Europe. I can collaborate and develop web sites without being tied to a particular location.

I constantly learn new technologies and apply them to the sites I create, and I only use the features that solve a particular problem, without overcomplicating the website.

My love for nature usually is reflected in the designs I create. Using its patterns and ratios, the site has a rhythm that is more familiar to the site's visitors.

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Ethical Design.

I believe in simple-to-use websites that respect the visitors' privacy, while still delivering modern user experiences.

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is one of my highest priorities, since I believe everyone should be able to use a website.

Thank you for visiting my site! To get in touch or if you have a project in mind, please contact me.